About Us
Nunuo Design is a full-service, independent visual design agency based in Shanghai, China, providing design for print and digital. Nunuo's designers graduated from China, America and British, therefore, can perfectly bring their international vision to your project, and make it compelling and memorable. No matter the size of project, we will promise you to dedicated our full efforts to it, and give it a unique identity.

Unique design is just a starting point. Equipped with insights from beyond visual design,  our approaches are based on analytical discovery. Driven by both intuition and analytics, we will provide you with a result that no one else can do.

With our mission to pursue avenues of innovation and keep our clients ahead of the curve, Nunuo's designers have served over 100 clients from both domestic and international, including Johnson & Johnson, C-trips, Totole, Philips, Uber, Starbucks and so on. We sincerely hope that you will be our next client.

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.

YOU change the world, WE brand you.

Our Story

We celebrate the past, we focus on the present, and we fight for
the future. Below is only the number, but we will make it bigger.
Design Works
If we design for money, we lose. We design for pleasure, incidentally, this pleasure can help you make money.

Nunuo's Creative Director

Working Process


1. Require and Quote

Talk to clients through phone, email or Zoom to fully understand what is looked for. Deadline and design fee will be provided based on projects.

2. Contract and Down Payment

Upon agreements, two parties are signing the contract. Downpayment with at least 30% of contract fee has to be paid.

3. Design and Communication

Upon receiving the downpayment, Nunuo starts researching, analyzing and designing. Nunuo keeps communicating with clients to require feedback and comments until approval.

4. Delivery and Payment

Upon receiving the full design fee, Nunuo will deliver all art files and related files to clients and follow up the projects in case any questions.